Correct pruning is an essential part of responsible tree care. Our four ISA Certified Arborists follow ISA pruning guidelines to create healthy, beautiful trees.

We can prune conifers / evergreens, deciduous, ornamentals, and fruit trees (such as apple, cherry, or pear).

Our tree pruning may include any of the following steps:
  • Correct any previous poor pruning
  • Remove deadwood, crossing branches
  • Raise the crown to provide more space under the tree
  • Reduce the crown to lower the tree's height (this is NOT topping a tree)
  • Thin the tree carefully to create more light and air flow
In any given year, no more than 20% - 25% of a mature tree can be removed through pruning The Blooma tree experts will prune only as much as is safe for the tree so the homeowner can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

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Blooma experts use ropes so they won't damage the tree (unlike spurs, which cause real damage), and remove deadwood, crossing branches, and anomalies to create a healthy, beautiful tree.