Don’t trees take care of themselves?

Trees growing in urban areas are often stressed by compacted and nutrient-deficient soils, limited available rooting space, under or over-watering, competition with grass, and damage by humans. Trees in urban areas can also develop weakened structures that may lead to hazardous conditions. Without attention, these issues cause key trees to decline, fail, or die. Managing your plants with regular inspections, pruning, mulching, and fertilization with improve the health and vigor of your trees and reduce risk.

ARBORIST VS CERTIFIED ARBORIST (and general Blooma questions):

We are well-trained and well-educated to do the work properly on your trees. Our Certified Arborists do the actual pruning and removing. Some companies will have a Certified Arborist give you a bid, but that person does not do the actual work.

International Society of Arboriculture. Check them out here:

It’s very easy to check any contractor’s credentials here. Go to the website for the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries. You can search by individual name or company name, and you will see their license, bond, and insurance. Or not. []


Deciding whether to save a tree can be difficult. We enjoy working with our clients to try to save their key trees whenever it is advisable. Often, services such as pruning, cabling, fertilization, and treatment can help to improve a tree’s health and safety.

While this might seem tempting, removing a mature tree yourself is not something that you should attempt. There are too many safety risks and concerns with potential property damage or personal injury. We are trained and experienced with the right equipment take care of the job for you.

Usually, no. If you have a unique, old hardwood tree it is possible that Urban Hardwoods might be interested in it. Otherwise, loggers are not interested in one or a few trees removed in the city. Trust us; we have tried.

Our groundsmen chip up all the debris while the arborists are pruning and removing, so there is no brush for you to deal with. You may save money by keeping the firewood, if, for example, the tree is very large and way in the backyard. If we can save time by stacking the wood nearby rather than rolling it out to the front for pickup, you can save money that way.

Yes. We have “wood-getters” we work with who will pick up the firewood for free. Some of them use the wood for their own heating, some sell firewood, and some bring it to needy folks who need it to heat their homes. It may take a couple of days to get rid of the wood, but it will disappear.

Our groundsmen put it through the chipper, which shoots it into our truck bed as wood chips.

We do need to empty our trucks when they are full, so we drop loads of wood chips to whomever wants them—about 15 cubic yards.

Since the weather is mild here in the PNW, we can prune trees all year. Some trees are best pruned when dormant or just before they bud; however, they can still be pruned anytime and heal just fine.

Yes! We have a bucket truck we can use, we can use our tall ladders, or we can climb through them.

It depends on the species and your own needs, but for maintenance pruning, 1-5 years is a good rule of thumb.


Watch this cool video:

We go 8”-12” below grade. If you let us know you would like to plant in that area in the future, then we can be sure to grind many of the roots, too.

There will be shavings from the stump. We leave that in place, and you can spread them around your trees or bushes as mulch.

Stairs are definitely a problem for a stump grinder, but we can ramp the grinder up 4 straight stairs. The grinder is 35” wide, and most gates are 36” wide, so measure your gate.


We can treat birch trees for the bronze birch borer, and we offer fertilizer and mycorrhizae treatments.

No. The three treatments we offer are in pellet / stake form.


We can move very small, young trees only. But once the tree develops its root system, we cannot move it. You should call Big Trees in Snohomish for a price quote on moving trees.

We can plant a new tree while we are out doing other work for you. But we don’t come out to just plant new trees.



You will want to clear your driveway and make sure any decorative items or obstacles are out of the way. And please, pick up your dog’s poo! (Yuck!)

No. Most folks are at work when we perform your tree work. Crews are provided with the contract spelling out every detail, so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently, with or without you being there. But if you are worried or just want to watch the fascinating process, by all means, we will be happy you are home.

Stump grinding and treatment will not happen at the same time as your tree service. Treatment is typically done before your tree work. Stump grinding is typically done the Friday after your tree service is completed.

We leave our yard in north Seattle at 7:00 a.m., drive to your house, and then set up all the equipment. The city of Seattle allows us to begin work at 7:00 a.m., but it is usually at least 7:15 before we can start work.

Not necessarily. Please ask the office staff for your job time, if you want to know: 206-714-9835

This depends on the scope of work. We do have large crews (4-5 men) with surgical skills and professional grade equipment, so we get a lot of work done quickly.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our 4-Step cleaning process: haul brush, stack firewood, rake, and blow.

That’s a very thoughtful thing to do. Sometimes the neighbors get mad at us for doing our work, so it’s always good when the neighbors have been prepped.

No. We will send you the invoice on the Monday following the work. Look in your email for that.

Please call us or email us right away. We want to know if there is a problem, and we will work with you to resolve it.

Yay! Please let us know! And if you want to post a glowing review on-line, we will be grateful. Also, be sure to tell your friends and family.


You will get an invoice in your email the Monday following the work.

Via email. It will say “Intuit E-Commerce Service; Invoice ---- from Blooma Tree Experts Inc.” If you don’t see it by Monday evening, check your spam folder.

We do. For the deposit, we do not charge a fee. But for the invoice balance, we do charge a 4% processing fee. (Credit card fees are very expensive for us.) You will need to call the office to pay by credit card: 206-714-9835


Yes! If your referral results in a job, we will send you a $25 gift card in a lovely thank you card (created by the talented artist Shannon Tipple-Leen [include link to her FB page:]. We will send this to you after your referrals’ work has been done.