The Blooma Crew members pride themselves in leaving your site clean, working hard to remove all the debris caused by pruning and removals. We use our celebrated Four-Step Cleaning System:

1. Chip - using one of our two Bandit heavy-duty commercial wood chippers, we chip limbs up to 12" in diameter, shooting all chips into the bed of our dump trucks
2. Stack - firewood is cut into 16" rounds and stacked neatly, expertly close to the street for removal by one of our wood-getters
3. Rake - once the major limbs have been chipped, our crew members grab the rakes and, beginning furthest from the chipper, rake up the small limbs and branches left
4. Blow - as the equipment gets stored in the trucks, one or two members will use a commercial blower to finish the job, clearing the sidewalk and street area.

All you are left to do is enjoy your newly serviced yard!.